We carefully select the freshest ingredients.

Candlestick Ravine is a culinary venture driven by our profound love for cooking and a burning desire to share our delightful homemade salsas with the world. Founded in 2023, our mission is to spread the joy of salsa to salsa enthusiasts far and wide. 

At Candlestick Ravine, we believe that food is meant to be shared.

And we take great pride in crafting salsas that ignite the senses and bring smiles of satisfaction to every salsa lover who experiences them. Welcome to Candlestick Ravine, where our homemade salsas are made with love and shared with passion.

The freshest ingredients -
infused with love.

With a meticulous focus on quality, we carefully select the freshest ingredients and infuse them with love, ensuring that each jar of our salsa bursts with authentic flavors that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're an avid salsa connoisseur seeking new taste sensations or a newcomer to the salsa scene, we warmly invite you to join us on this mouthwatering journey. 

Candlestick Ravine" is more than just a name for us

Candlestick Ravine" is more than just a name for us; it's a tribute to two iconic landmarks and the stories they hold. James, a proud Bay Area native and devoted Giants fan, sought to honor the legacy of the former Giants stadium, Candlestick Park, where countless memories were made. 

Meanwhile, Claudia, residing in Los Angeles, felt compelled to pay homage to Chavez Ravine, a community whose displacement to build a stadium stands as a poignant chapter in history. Our love for making salsas and sharing them with others adds another layer to our identity, symbolizing the joy of community and the spirit of generosity that we bring to every event and gathering. Together, our name embodies the spirit of remembrance, reverence, and culinary passion, reflecting the places and people who have shaped our love for community, sports, and shared experiences.